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Gartner. BRS Cell Biology and Histology. 7e. 2014.

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1 Plasma Membrane

I. Overview -The Plasma Membrane (Plasmalemma = Cell Membrane)
II. Fluid Mosaic Model of the Plasma Membrane
III. Plasma Membrane Transport Processes
IV. Cell-to-Cell Communication
V. Plasmalemma-Cytoskeleton Association


I. Overview - The Nucleus
II. Nuclear Envelope
III. Nucleolus
IV. Nucleoplasm
V. Chromatin
VI. Chromosomes
IX. Cell Cycle
X. Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death)
XI. Meiosis

3 Cytoplasm and Organelles
I. Overview - The Cytoplasm
II. Structural Components
III. Interactions Among Organelles

4 Extracellular Matrix
I. Overview - The Extracellular Matrix
II. Ground Substance
III. Fibers

Epithelia and Glands
I. Overview - Epithelia
II. Lateral Epithelial Surfaces
III. Basal Epithelial Surfaces
IV. Apical Epithelial Surfaces
V. Glands

6 Connective Tissue
I. Overview - Connective Tissue
II. Extracellular Matrix
III. Connective Tissue Cells
IV. Classification of Connective Tissue

7 Cartilage and Bone
I. Overview - Cartilage
II. Bone
III. Joints

I. Overview - Muscle
II. Structure of Skeletal Muscle
III. Contraction of Skeletal Muscle
IV. Innervation of Skeletal Muscle
V. Cardiac Muscle
VI. Smooth Muscle
VII. Contractile Nonmuscle Cells

9 Nervous System
I. Overview - Nervous System
II. Histogenesis of the Nervous System
III. Cells of Nervous System
IV. Synapses
V. Nerve Fibers
VI. Nerves
VII. Ganglia
VIII. Histophysiology of Nervous System
IX. Somatic Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

XI. Degeneration and Regeneration of Nerve Tissue

10 Blood and Hemopoiesis
I. Overview - Blood
II. Blood Constituents
III. Blood Coagulation
IV. Bone Marrow
V. Prenatal Hemopoiesis
VI. Postnatal Hemopoiesis
VII. Hemopoietic Growth Factors (Colony-Stimulating Factors [CSFs])

11 Circulatory System
I. Overview - Blood Vascular System
II. Overview - Lymphatic Vascular System

12 Lymphoid Tissue - PDFSlideShare - Facebook
I. Overview - The Lymphoid (Immune) System
II. Cells of the Immune System
III. Antigen Presentation and the Role of MHC Molecules
IV. Immunoglobulins
V. Diffuse Lymphoid Tissue
VI. Lymphoid Organs

13 Endocrine System
I. Overview - The Endocrine System
II. Hormones
III. Overview - Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis)
IV. Overview - Thyroid Gland
V. Parathyroid Glands
VI. Overview - Adrenal (Suprarenal) Glands
VII. Pineal Gland (Pineal Body, Epiphysis)

14 Skin
I. Overview - The Skin
II. Epidermis
III. Dermis
IV. Glands in the Skin
V. Hair Follicle and Arrector Pili Muscle
VI. Nails

15 Respiratory System
I. Overview -The Respiratory System
II. Conducting Portion of the Respiratory System
III. Overview - Respiratory Portion of the Respiratory System
IV. Lung Lobules
V. Pulmonary Vascular Supply
VI. Pulmonary Nerve Supply

Digestive System: Oral Cavity and Alimentary Tract
I. Overview - The Digestive System
II. Oral Region
III. Divisions of the Alimentary Canal
IV. Digestion and Absorption

17 Digestive System: Glands
I. Overview - Extrinsic Glands of the Digestive System
II. Major Salivary Glands
III. Overview - Pancreas
IV. Liver
V. Gallbladder

18 The Urinary System
I. Overview  - The Urinary System
II. Kidneys
III. Uriniferous Tubules
IV. Renal Blood Circulation
V. Regulation of Urine Concentration
VI. Excretory Passages

19 Female Reproductive System
I. Overview - Female Reproductive System
II. Ovaries
III. Oviducts (Fallopian Tubes)
IV. Uterus
V. Cervix
VI. Fertilization and Implantation
VII. Placenta
VIII. Vagina
IX. External Genitalia (Vulva)
X. Mammary Glands

20 Male Reproductive System
I. Overview - Male Reproductive System
II. Testes
III. Genital Ducts
IV. Accessory Genital Glands
V. Penis

Special Senses
I. Overview - Special Sense Receptors
II. Specialized Diffuse Receptors
III. Sense of Sight -  Eye
IV. Sense of Hearing - Ear (Vestibulocochlear Apparatus)