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Kierszenbaum. Histology and Cell Biology, An Introduction to Pathology. 4e. 2015.

Part I Basic Tissues and Integrated Cell Biology and General Pathology
Chapter 1 Epithelium
Chapter 2 Epithelial Glands
Chapter 3 Cell Signaling
Chapter 4 Connective Tissue
Chapter 5 Osteogenesis
Chapter 6 Blood and Hematopoiesis
Chapter 7 Muscle Tissue
Chapter 8 Nervous Tissue
Chapter 9 Sensory Organs: Vision and Hearing
Part II Organ Systems: Protection of the Body
Chapter 10 Immune-Lymphatic System
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Chapter 11 Integumentary System
Part III Organ Systems: Blood Circulatory Systems
Chapter 12 Cardiovascular System
Chapter 13 Respiratory System
Chapter 14 Urinary System
Part IV Organ Systems: The Alimentary System
Chapter 15 Upper Digestive Segment
Chapter 16 Lower Digestive Segment
Chapter 17 Digestive Glands
Part V Organ Systems: The Endocrine System
Chapter 18 Neuroendocrine System
Chapter 19 Endocrine System
Part VI Organ Systems: The Reproductive System
Chapter 20 Spermatogenesis
Chapter 21 Sperm Transport and Maturation
Chapter 22 Follicle Development and the Menstrual Cycle
Chapter 23 Fertilization, Placentation, and Lactation