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Public Health

Observational studies
Clinical trial
Evaluation of diagnostic tests Likelihood ratio
Quantifying risk
Incidence vs prevalence
Precision vs accuracy
Bias and study errors
Statistical distribution
Statistical hypotheses
Outcomes of statistical hypothesis testing
Confdence interval
Common statistical tests
Pearson correlation coefcient

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Core ethical principles
Informed consent
Consent for minors
Decision-making capacity
Advance directives
Surrogate decisionmaker
Ethical situations

Early developmental milestones
Car seats for children
Changes in the elderly

The Well Patient

Disease prevention
Major medical insurance plans
Healthcare payment models
Medicare and Medicaid
Hospice care
Common causes of death (US) by age
Hospitalized conditions with frequent readmissions

Healthcare Delivery

Safety culture
Human factors design
PDSA cycle
Quality measurements
Swiss cheese model
Types of medical errors
Medical error analysis

Quality and Safety