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Salway. Medical Biochemistry at a Glance. 3e. 2012.

0 Table of Contents
Preface to the third edition
Acknowledgements to the third edition
Figure key
SI/mass unit conversions
Part 1 Acids, bases and pH
1 Acids, bases and hydrogen ions (protons)
2 Understanding pH
3 Production and removal of protons into and from the blood
4 Metabolic alkalosis and metabolic acidosis
5 Respiratory alkalosis and respiratory acidosis
Part 2 Structure of amino acids and proteins
6 Amino acids and the primary structure of proteins
7 Secondary structure of proteins
8 Tertiary and quaternary structure and collagen
Part 3 Formation of ATP: oxidation and reduction reaction
9 Oxidation/reduction reactions, coenzymes and prosthetic groups
10 Anaerobic production of ATP by substrate-level phosphorylation, from phosphocreatine and by the adenylate kinase (myokinase) reaction
11 Aerobic production of ATP
12 Biosynthesis of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation I
13 Biosynthesis of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation II
14 What happens when protons or electrons leak from the respiratory chain?
15 Free radicals, reactive oxygen species and oxidative damage
16 Aerobic oxidation of glucose to provide energy as ATP
17 Anaerobic oxidation of glucose by glycolysis to form ATP and lactate
18 Anaerobic glycolysis in red blood cells, 2,3-BPG (2,3-DPG) and the Bohr effect
Part 4 Carbohydrates
19 Carbohydrates
20 Absorption of carbohydrates and metabolism of galactose
21 Fate of glucose in liver: glycogenesis and lipogenesis
22 Fructose metabolism
23 Glucose homeostasis
24 Glucose-stimulated secretion of insulin from β-cells
25 Regulation of glycogen metabolism
26 Glycogen breakdown (glycogenolysis) and glycogen storage diseases
27 Insulin signal transduction and diabetes mellitus
28 Diabetes mellitus
29 Alcohol metabolism: hypoglycaemia, hyperlactataemia and steatosis
Part 5 Enzymes and regulation of pathways
30 Enzymes: nomenclature, kinetics and inhibitors
31 Regulation of enzyme activity
32 Regulation of glycolysis and Krebs cycle
33 Oxidation of fatty acids to produce ATP in muscle and ketone bodies in liver
34 Regulation of lipolysis, β-oxidation, ketogenesis and gluconeogenesis
Part 6 Lipids and lipid metabolism
35 Structure of lipids
36 Phospholipids I: phospholipids and sphingolipids
37 Phospholipids II: micelles, liposomes, lipoproteins and membranes
38 Metabolism of carbohydrate to cholesterol
39 VLDL and LDL metabolism I: “forward” cholesterol transport
40 VLDL and LDL metabolism II: endogenous triacylglycerol transport
41 HDL metabolism: “reverse” cholesterol transport
42 Absorption and disposal of dietary triacylglycerols and cholesterol by chylomicrons
43 Steroid hormones: aldosterone, cortisol, androgens and oestrogens
Part 7 Metabolism of amino acids and porphyrins
44 Urea cycle and overview of amino acid catabolism
45 Non-essential and essential amino acids
46 Amino acid metabolism: to energy as ATP; to glucose and ketone bodies
47 Amino acid disorders: maple syrup urine disease, homocystinuria, cystinuria, alkaptonuria and albinism
48 Phenylalanine and tyrosine metabolism in health and disease
49 Products of tryptophan and histidine metabolism
50 Haem, bilirubin and porphyria
Part 8 Vitamins
51 Fat-soluble vitamins I: vitamins A and D
52 Fat-soluble vitamins II: vitamins E and K
53 Water-soluble vitamins I: thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenate
54 Water-soluble vitamins II: pyridoxal phosphate (B6)
55 Water-soluble vitamins III: folate and vitamin B12
56 Water-soluble vitamins IV: biotin and vitamin C
Part 9 Molecular biology
57 The cell cycle
58 Pyrimidine metabolism
59 Purine metabolism
60 Structure of DNA
61 The “central dogma” of molecular biology
62 Organisation of DNA in chromosomes
63 Replication of DNA (part 1)
64 Replication of DNA (part 2)
65 DNA damage and repair
66 Transcription of DNA to make messenger RNA (part 1)
67 Transcription of DNA to make messenger RNA (part 2)
68 Transcription of DNA to make transfer RNA
69 Transcription of DNA to make ribosomal RNA
70 Translation and protein synthesis
71 Comparison of DNA replication, DNA transcription and protein synthesis in eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Part 10 Diagnostic clinical biochemistry
72 Diagnostic clinical biochemistry