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Playfair. Immunology at a glance. 10e. 2012.

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1 The scope of immunology
2 Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms
3 Recognition and receptors: the keys to immunity
4 Cells involved in immunity: the haemopoietic system
Innate immunity
5 Receptors of the innate immune system
6 Complement
7 Acute inflammation
8 Phagocytic cells and the reticuloendothelial system
9 Phagocytosis
Adaptive immunity
(i) The molecular basis
10 Evolution of recognition molecules: the immunoglobulin superfamily
11 The major histocompatibility complex
12 The T-cell receptor
13 Antibody diversification and synthesis
14 Antibody structure and function
(ii) The cellular basis
15 Lymphocytes
16 Primary lymphoid organs and lymphopoiesis
17 Secondary lymphoid organs and lymphocyte traffic
(iii) The adaptive immune response
18 Antigen processing and presentation
19 The antibody response
20 Antigen – antibody interaction and immune complexes
21 Cell-mediated immune responses
(iv) Regulation
22 Tolerance
23 Cell communication and cytokines
24 The cytokine network
25 Immunity, hormones and the brain
Potentially useful immunity
26 Antimicrobial immunity: a general scheme
27 Immunity to viruses
28 HIV and AIDS
29 Immunity to bacteria
30 Immunity to fungi and ectoparasites
31 Immunity to protozoa
32 Immunity to worms
Undesirable effects of immunity
33 Immunodeficiency
34 Harmful immunity: a general scheme
35 Allergy and anaphylaxis
36 Immune complexes, complement and disease
37 Chronic and cell-mediated infl ammation
38 Autoimmune disease
Altered immunity
39 Transplant rejection
40 Immunosuppression
41 Immunostimulation and vaccination
Immunity in health and disease
42 Cancer immunology
43 Immunity and clinical medicine
44 Investigating immunity
45 Immunology in the laboratory
46 Out of the past: evolution of immune mechanisms
47 Into the future: immunology in the age of genomics
Appendix I Comparative sizes and molecular weights
Appendix II Landmarks in the history of immunology and some unsolved problems
Appendix III CD classification