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Wood. Understanding immunology. 3e. 2012.


1 The threat to the body: the role and requirements of the immune system

2 The immediate response to infection: innate immunity and the inflammatory response
3 Specific immune recognition: the antibody molecule
4 T lymphocytes and MHC-associated recognition of antigen
5 Generation of diversity: how do T and B cells generate so many different variants of their antigen receptors?
6 Anatomy of the immune system
7 Anatomical and cellular aspects of antibody production
8 Effector mechanisms: dealing with pathogens in vivo (1) Antibody-mediated responses
9 Effector mechanisms: dealing with pathogens in vivo (2) Cell-mediated immunity
10 Immunological memory and vaccination
11 Lymphocyte development and immunological tolerance
12 Autoimmune diseases
13 Allergy and other hypersensitivities
15 Manipulating the immune system: transplantation and tumours